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Where are we?

We’ve talked about two commercial sites. What about your site?

Why you should have a site

You should have a Web site, with your own domain, like, or

It will be yours to control. Want to show off your killer Magic the Gathering deck? Go ahead. Want to show photos of fun places you’ve been? No problem. Want to list the best dog parks around? OK. It’s your site, so you get to decide.

Use your site to show the Web skills you’ve mastered. In CoreDogs, you’ll learn how to show pictures, format text, make slide shows, quizzes, and other things. Impress your friends, or just make something for the challenge.

You can use your site to support something you care about. A local sports team, dog rights, Scottish independence. You could explain why the issue is important, and what your opinion is. Include photos, YouTube videos, and links to other sites.

Show your poetry, or artwork. Photos of you winning Best in Show. CoreDogs will explain how.

What do you want your site to be about?

What are you into? Acid techno? TMNT? Shoes? Basketball?

Exercise: What are you into?

List at least ten things you like. For me, that would be:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel
  • Zombie literature
  • First-person shooters – Borderlands rules!
  • Learning about tech
  • Drupal
  • Sick jokes
  • Mango juice!
  • Coffee
  • Fail blog
  • Sarah McLachlan

Enter the ten (or more) things here.

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Pick two or three of the things you’re into. For each one, list some stuff you would put on your site. For example, for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I might have stuff on:

  • Willow (sigh)
  • The musical episode in season 6 – the best television ever!!
  • Faith, the bad slayer. 5×5, B.
  • Glory, the bad god. Sometimes.
  • The preacher in season 7. The scariest evil doer of all time.
  • Why Dawn is so annoying. Really. She is irritating beyond belief. Such a meat puppet. So is Connor, in Angel. Blech.

Exercise: Stuff about the things

Pick two of the ten things you wrote down earlier. List stuff you would say about those things.

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Now you’ve got some ideas for your site.


Looking for a job? A Web site will help. Employers can get to know you. They can also see your mad Web skillz.

If you do try this, check out the article Personal brands: An introduction.

What now?

Web sites cost money. Let’s talk about that.