eMe: Your own table

Where are we?

You know how to make a table. You know how to style one. Time to make one for your own site.

What about?

Make a table about something on your interesting stuff list. For example, I might make a table about Buffy, like this:

Season U.S. ratings
1 3.7 million
2 5.2 million
3 5.3 million
4 4.7 million
5 4.4 million
6 4.6 million
7 3.6 million

Choose something, and make a table about it. Style it any way you want. Border or not. Background color. Whatever suits your fancy.

If you want, you can put images in your table.


  • You made a table for your eMe.

What now?

Let’s make an interactive table. The user clicks, and something happens.