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Interactive tables - sorting

Learn how to make a table sortable. Users will be able to click on table columns to sort tables the way they want. You’ll use a jQuery plugin to do the work.

Styling tables

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Learn how to:

  • Add spacing around tables and cells.
  • Add borders and background colors.
  • Style a table’s header and footer separately from its body.
  • Add striping using jQuery.

A page with tables

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Learn how to create tables, style them, and let the user interact with them using jQuery.

Site maps

Learn how to make site maps, as nested lists of links.

Horizontal navigation bars

Learn how to:

  • Create horizontal nav bars with text.
  • Position horizontal nav bars.
  • Create horizontal nav bars with images and hover effects.

Background images

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Background images can give a nice look to your pages. Usually they’re used to set a mood. Backgrounds can be set for entire pages, or for parts of pages as well.

You’ll learn:

  • How to add a tiled background.
  • How to add a single image background.

Styling links

You know how to make links with the <a> tag. Let’s improve their look. Learn:

  • What the <a> tag’s pseudo-classes are.
  • How to use the pseudo-classes to create link effects.

Styling boundaries - the box model

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On this page, you’ll learn what the box model is. You’ll learn how to use it to style the boundaries of images and text blocks.

Styling input fields

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You’ll learn:

  • How to change the look of a text field.
  • How to change the look of a button.
  • How to include an external CSS file.

Adding style with CSS


  • The elements of font styling.
  • How to style text.
  • How to change background colors.


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