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Equal height sidebars

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There are left and right sidebars in many layouts. Sometimes they look strange when they’re different heights. Learn how to make them the same height.

Floating images

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Learn how to move an image to the left or right of a page, and have text wrap around it.

Images and captions

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Captions are labels that belong with images. They tell people what the image is. Let’s see how you keep captions with their images.

eMe: Some text pages

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Using an external style sheet lets you change many pages at once.

Changing text

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Learn some more JavaScript/jQuery:

  • Learn how to set the text of an element, with text("stuff").
  • Learn how to get the text of an element, with text().
  • Learn how to add a CSS class to an element, with addClass().
  • Learn how to remove a CSS class from an element, with removeClass().

SitePoint reference

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Good reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Safe typefaces

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The CSS font-family property changes the typeface. But the typefaces that come with a Mac aren’t the same as the ones for Windows. Which typefaces are safe to use?

Text spacing in CSS

Text spacing is the amount of whitespace around pieces of text. Between letters in words, between words, and between lines.

This article explains how to set text spacing.

Liquid example

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  • To create a new layout, adapt something that already works.
  • Be careful when combining pieces to make a CSS selector. Commas and spaces are different.


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