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eMe: A quiz

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Create a quiz about yourself.

SitePoint reference

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Good reference for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Inline versus block tags

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Learn the difference between inline and block tags.

Forms in HTML

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In this lesson, you learn that:

  • Browsers send form data to Web servers along with URLs.
  • get attaches form data to a URL. post puts it in a separate HTTP header.
  • URL encoding handles special characters in URLs.
  • The basic attributes of <form> are action and method.
  • The basic attributes of <input> are type, name, and size.
  • The basic attribute of <button> is type.

PHP outputs HTML

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  • When a Web server gets a URL with a .php extension, it sends the file to the PHP interpreter.
  • You embed PHP code in HTML pages.
  • Most PHP code outputs HTML, which then gets sent to the browser for rendering.

Interactive tables - sorting

Learn how to make a table sortable. Users will be able to click on table columns to sort tables the way they want. You’ll use a jQuery plugin to do the work.

Basic tables

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Learn to create a basic HTML table, and add a header and footer.

Site maps

Learn how to make site maps, as nested lists of links.

Horizontal navigation bars

Learn how to:

  • Create horizontal nav bars with text.
  • Position horizontal nav bars.
  • Create horizontal nav bars with images and hover effects.

Vertical navigation bars

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Learn how to:

  • Create vertical nav bars with text.
  • Position vertical nav bars.
  • Create vertical nav bars with images.
  • Create image nav bars with hover effects.


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