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Photos, textures, other stuff.

Animal photos

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Photos of, er, animals. Lots.


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Many images, categorized.


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Images for all over the place.


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An image search engine.

Floating images

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Learn how to move an image to the left or right of a page, and have text wrap around it.


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A way cool and large collection of textures.

Images and captions

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Captions are labels that belong with images. They tell people what the image is. Let’s see how you keep captions with their images.

Drupal: Installing a WYSIWYG editor that lets users insert images

Learn how to add a WYSIWYG editor to your site. The editor lets users upload their own images.

This isn’t just a follow-these-steps tutorial. It not only tells you what to do, but explains why you do it. The tutorial goes into some depth about input formats, filters, and other Drupal mysteries.

List of free photo sites

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Good list of sites, with information on usage terms.


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