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What is this "this" thing?

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jQuery has this this thing. It can save you a lot of time. Let’s see what this is all about.

Equal height sidebars

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There are left and right sidebars in many layouts. Sometimes they look strange when they’re different heights. Learn how to make them the same height.

eMe: A quiz

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Create a quiz about yourself.


You’ll learn how to use focus() to improve a page’s usability.

Changing text

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Learn some more JavaScript/jQuery:

  • Learn how to set the text of an element, with text("stuff").
  • Learn how to get the text of an element, with text().
  • Learn how to add a CSS class to an element, with addClass().
  • Learn how to remove a CSS class from an element, with removeClass().

Better client-side error display

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  • How to report errors in a professional way.
  • How page-wide, global error messages help the user.
  • How JavaScript functions make error reporting easier to program.

Complete validation

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This lessons shows a complete form validation example.

  • It shows good error messages.
  • Some error checking is on the server side. Some is on the client side.
  • Bother server-side and client-side error messages are reported in the same way. That’s done by writing PHP code that calls JavaScript code.

Client-side validation


  • How to get form data into JavaScript variables.
  • How to check that data for errors.
  • How to report errors to the user.


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This lesson looks at adding games to your site. You’ll see how to create your own Mad Lib game. You can customize the game to match the content and the look and feel of your site.


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Search is one of the most important widgets. This lesson shows you how to add a simple search function to your site. You will learn:

  • Why search makes your site more valuable.
  • How to create a search form on your site.
  • How to run Google searches from your site.


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