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Flipped classes threaten universities and publishers

Flipping a class shifts the emphasis from memorizing facts to doing tasks. It's a relatively simple change that can improve learning significantly. Indirectly, flipping might also threaten today's universities and textbook publishers.

Why patterns help learners

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A pattern is a solution to a problem that people have found useful. Patterns are in CoreDogs because they help people learn how to design things. This article explains why patterns help learners.

The feedback system

This article examines the CoreDogs feedback system. The feedback system lets reviewers (instructors, mentors, ...) give feedback to students about their exercise solutions.

The work flow is streamlined, so that reviewers can work through many feedback requests in a short time. This lets reviewers give fast, frequent, formative feedback, as recommended by learning science researchers.

Moving forward

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This lesson explains how to make the most of CoreDogs. You should read in sequence, do the exercises, work with a group, and take pride in your learning. Please send feedback as well.

CoreDogs and PHP

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Learning how to create Web sites is worthwhile. You can make a career out of it. You can give a boost to another career. You can serve the greater good.

Learning takes time. CoreDogs helps you spend your learning time well. It focuses on the real world. It flattens the learning curve. CoreDogs leaves a lot out, focusing only on the core of PHP. CoreDogs encourages practice, practice, practice.

CoreDogs uses ideas from the science of learning. It has less technical material about PHP than other sources. What is here is just the important core. The lessons help reduce your learning time.

Why learn PHP?

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PHP programs run on Web servers. They let Web pages store data on database servers. Server-side programs are crucial on today’s Web.

Learning PHP can help you:

  • Understand how the Web really works
  • Understand business value on the Web
  • Install and manage software
  • Customize and extend software
  • Write your own programs
  • Work with others more effectively
  • Decide on a career

PHP is widely used. It’s easy to learn, for a programming language.

Specs for a learning exercise module

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This document lays out the requirements for a Drupal module that embeds learning exercises in lessons. Each exercise has three parts:

  • The exercise requirements (i.e., the task to be completed).
  • A place for the learner to record his/her solution.
  • A discussion of the exercise by community members.

Designing CoreDogs

This document lays out the design process for a Web site to help people learn about creating Web sites. The design takes into account:

  • What knowledge, skills, and attitudes Web site developers need.
  • The cognitive and social psychology of how people learn.
  • What learning materials can do to help people learn effectively.


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