Page layout

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Liquid example

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  • To create a new layout, adapt something that already works.
  • Be careful when combining pieces to make a CSS selector. Commas and spaces are different.

Moving regions left and right

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Learn that:

  • Floating an element takes it out of normal flow.
  • Floated elements move left or right. Other elements wrap around them.
  • The clear property lets you control whether things are allowed to float to the left or right of an element.
  • By default, floated elements take just enough space to show them.

Spacing between elements


  • What the box model is, and how to use it.
  • How to set margin and padding defaults.
  • How CSS overrides work.
  • How containership affects layout.

Step 2: Design a framework

A Web site’s framework is a skeleton that helps it meet its goals.

The main parts of a framework are information architecture, page layout, and look and feel.


How to...