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Tools for developers

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You’ll learn:

  • To do database work, you need to send SQL statements to a DBMS. But some SQL statements are long and easy to mess up.
  • phpMyAdmin is a PHP Web application that writes SQL for you. phpMyAdmin is part of XAMPP.
  • You’ll see how to start MySQL and phpMyAdmin on your computer. You’ll see how to use phpMyAdmin on your hosting account.
  • You can create databases on your local computer, and use phpMyAdmin to export your work to your hosting account.

Creating a table

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  • All data is in tables. Each row is about a single thing, like a dog. Each column is an attribute, like a name or a weight. Each row has the same columns.
  • Each field has a data type. MySQL has lots of data types. We talked about INT, DECIMAL, CHAR, TEXT, and DATE.
  • Tables have primary keys. A primary key is a field whose values are different for every row.
  • Usually you create an INT field to be a primary key. Make it unsigned and auto_increment. MySQL will fill in a unique value.
  • Learn how to create a table with phpMyAdmin, and add data to it.
  • Learn how to export a table from one database (e.g., one on your local machine), and import it into another (e.g., one on your hosting account).


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