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Metamorphosis Design

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They have hundreds of free Web templates.

The JavaScript connection

  • JavaScript files contain file paths, just like HTML files. The paths can be broken when you use PHP to insert library files.
  • You can fix the problem by creating a JavaScript variable in each file containing the path to the Web root. That variable is added to the JavaScript code in the library files.
  • The JavaScript variable can have its value set by PHP.

A complete template system

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In this lesson, you:

  • Review a site with layout, images, and animated navigation.
  • See how to create a complete PHP template system for this site.
  • Understand the productivity wins this gives us.

Inserting files with links and images

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  • Inserting files with paths in them – to images, links to pages, whatever – can break your site.
  • You can fix it with root relative paths, but this makes your site less portable.
  • A better way it to create a variable on each page, giving the path from that page to the root of the site. Add that variable in the inserted files.
  • This gives you a big productivity win. You can change an entire site just by changing one inserted file.

Web site templates

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Where are we?

Our first PHP task is an easy one, but one of the most important uses of PHP.

Most Web pages have regions, like this:

Web page regions

Figure 1. Web page regions

Different parts of a page are put into the regions:

Using the regions

Figure 2. Using the regions

All of the pages on a site usually have the same structure.

Directory tree

Learn how to create a directory tree for your site.


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