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You’ll learn how to use focus() to improve a page’s usability.

Text spacing in CSS

Text spacing is the amount of whitespace around pieces of text. Between letters in words, between words, and between lines.

This article explains how to set text spacing.

Colors and color schemes

This page is about color.

  • You want to choose a color scheme, a set of colors that work together.
  • Individual colors have a hue (basic color), saturation (intensity), and value (brightness).
  • A tint is a color with white added to it. A shade is a color with black added to it.
  • Types of color schemes include monochrome with an accent color, complementary, and analogous with an accent color.
  • You need to understand what you want before choosing a color scheme.
  • You can download complete designs, that include colors and graphics.
  • You can generate a color scheme from a photo.

Step 1: Set goals

This page is about setting a Web site’s goals. Goals for users, owners, and Webers.

Styling links

You know how to make links with the <a> tag. Let’s improve their look. Learn:

  • What the <a> tag’s pseudo-classes are.
  • How to use the pseudo-classes to create link effects.

Adding style with CSS


  • The elements of font styling.
  • How to style text.
  • How to change background colors.


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