The lessons are in three virtual books.

Foundations: Basic concepts

This book explains how Web browsers and Web servers work together, creating the pages people see when they visit your Web site.

ClientCore: Delivering Information to Browsers

This book shows you how to create Web pages with basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

ClientCore is mostly about tech. But you’ll also learn about making sites useful and attractive.

ServerCore: Generating Web Pages from Data

This book is about writing programs that make Web pages, using PHP and MySQL. For example, add a new product to your database, and it will automatically appear on your Web site. Change the product’s price, and your Web site is updated automatically.

ServerCore won’t make you a professional programmer. But it will help you:

  • Write simple programs.
  • Better understand CMS like Drupal and Joomla.
  • Work better with programmers.

You can start with the first book, or read answers to some common questions.


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