Kieran Hi! I’m Kieran. I’m a black lab, a tech geek, and an educator. I’ve been teaching regular people about computers since Lassie was a pup.

I’ll lead you through the CoreDogs lessons.

Two other dogs are learning along with you. CC…


...and Renata.


So it will be the four of us. Plus anyone else you want to bring along. It helps if you have a study buddy or two.

The first book – Foundations – is short. It covers three things.

  • What makes a Web site good?

That’s our goal: to make good sites. But if we don’t know what a good site is, it will be hard to make one.

  • How does the Internet work?

We’ll talk about how computers connect on the Internet, and how Web sites use those connections.

  • Getting started on eMe.

eMe is a Web site about you. It will have whatever content and formatting you want. It will have its own domain, like

CoreDogs will help you learn how to make a great eMe site. Send a link to employers, relatives, friends,... anyone you want to impress with your mad Web skillz.

The menu in the right-hand column shows how everything is organized. Each CoreDogs book has chapters. The first chapter in this book is “Good Web sites.”

Books and chapters

Each chapter has lessons in it.

Chapters and lessons

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How to...