A page with images

Images are very important on the Web. They help explain things.

Like what pixels are.

Images also help set a mood.

How cute is this?

The Web wouldn’t be the Web without images.

You need to know how to use images. Not only how to insert them in HTML. But also where to get images, how to change them, and, most important, what they’re for.

That’s what this lesson is about.

You’ll also learn how to manipulate images with jQuery. This is Much Fun. You’ll show images, hide them, resize them, all with animated effects.

Finally, you’ll learn more about JavaScript’s if statement. For example, you might show different images on a page, depending on what language the user speaks. Or maybe different images for different times of day.

By the end of this lesson/page, you should:

  • Know that images are informational and structural.
  • Know about the three most common image formats.
  • Know how to find ready-made images for your projects.
  • Know what types of software should be in your image toolkit.
  • Be able to show images on a page.
  • Be able to change images with jQuery.
  • Be able to create a simple image-based shopping cart.
  • Be able to use JavaScript’s if statement.

Onward! To destiny!


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