A production site

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You’ve learned a lot! HTML tags, CSS rules, jQuery, images, tables, links, navigation bars, ...

Baby, you got skillz!

Now for the Big Payoff: creating a complete Web site. That’s what this lesson is about. We’ll do the whole thing, from start to end.

Along the way, we’ll work on your eMe. If you’ve followed along, it looks pretty good. But right now, it’s more a collection of stuff than a planned creation.

It’s time to rethink your eMe. Set some goals, and organize it more.

Cool dog

Most people can’t create their own sites, on their own domain. You can. That’s freakin’ cool!

As well as your eMe, in this chapter you’ll make a site about dog parks. And see how a small business made its Web site.

Let’s go!


How to...