Restricting access

Recall that DogToys has two parts to it:


Figure 1. DogToys

One part of DogToys is for customers. That’s the blue area. It has pages for tasks that customers need to do. Like look at a list of products.

The other part of DogToys is for employees. That’s the green area. It has pages for tasks that employees need to do. Like add products and change prices.

But we don’t want just anyone messing with prices. This chapter shows you how to let different people access different pages, depending on what they are allowed to do.

You can try the secure version of the DogToys application. You have to look at the admin menu to see the changes (user names and passwords are hereboth are case-sensitive). As before, this version of DogToys won’t update product data.

You can download the files for the application. If you want to run the application on your own computer, you’ll need to change the database connection information.


How to...