Step 3: Implement the site

Let’s see where we are. You’re building a static Web site. You’ve made a framework for the site.

What you’ve made

You have an information architecture. You know what the sections of your site will be, and what pages are in those sections.

Information architecture

Figure 1. Information architecture

You have layouts and look-and-feel descriptors. You chose a design that matches.

Now to make the final site. This is fairly easy, because of the work you’ve already done.

The final steps

First, you need to decide on a file layout. It’s a directory tree of the site on the Web server.

Second, you create a template or two. It’s a file that is a skeleton for an HTML page.

Third, you use the template. You copy it, and fill in the content for a page. Copy the template, make another page. Copy the template, make another page. Until the site is done.

Then… savor your achievement. Bask in the glory that is your new site!


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